Corduroy Road

Formed in the Fall of 2005, Corduroy Road has been a growing, changing, positive musical force in the Canadian New Country/Pop/Rock scene.

Founding member and primary song writer is  Reg Arthurs. Reg, who sings and  plays guitar is joined by Andrea LeBlanc Arthurs on Vocals and Keyboards, Brendon Terry on Bass, Stephanie LeBlanc Grimm on Vocals, Keyboards, and Percussion, Brian Ward on Guitars, Janna Pardy on Vocals, and Craig Galbraith on Drums & Percussion.

Their brand of Canadian New Country/Pop/Rock has seen them record, receive international air play and tour. They were short listed for a Juno in 2008 for their very first album, "Not From the City", in the Traditional/Grass Roots Category.

Their songs tell real, heartfelt stories we can all relate to. They are delivered by a certifiably professional and talented group of friends and family.

Currently calling Guelph, Ontario their home, Corduroy Road members originally hail from New Brunswick and Newfoundland. Their shows are always a great time!

Their sound is typically a tight, three part vocal blend set on top of a seasoned, driving rhythm section. All members are experts in their fields, and extremely passionate about their respective crafts. They all contribute a uniqueness to Corduroy Road which certainly makes the project greater than the sum of it's parts.